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Hybrid mail is mail that is delivered using a combination of electronic and physical delivery.

It involves a digital letter (PDF or Word letter) being transformed into a physical letter on paper. The letter is printed & packed into an envelope and despatched into a mail delivery agent for a postman to deliver to the receivers mailbox. Generally, the fee for this service is much cheaper than directly sending mail out individually or using a franking machine.

Mail My Mail is a fully automated on-line print & mailing solution, where you generate the document and we print & mail at a reduced cost, usually less than a second class stamp. All that’s required is for you to download a virtual printer that sits on your computer and once your letter or invoice is completed, you simply sent the document to print using the MMM print option. A print window will pop up giving you a visual of your document to check before sending to print. Other options are postal services, colour printing and address positioning. The documents are electronically and securely sent to MPS and they take care of the rest. It’s instant, extremely efficient and eliminates the need for printing, licking stamps and stuffing of envelopes!

MailMyMail.co.uk can be used by any business large or small, for posting out sales literature, invoices, statements or general information. It’s so simple, easy way to send out your business mail – whether you’ve got 10 items to post or 10,000.

MailMyMail.co.uk is already being used by local government to send out thousands of confidential documents to the public, as it meets specific criteria in being able to provide data security, tight deadlines and an exceptional quality of service.

Keeping in touch with customers is a vital component of business success, and with email marketing saturated to the max. Mail My Mail can do that more positively, quickly, cheaply and more securely than ever before!

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