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Mail my Mail is ideal for all these mailings and sectors

Mail my Mail can help you send out invoices, direct mail campaigns, reminders, promotions, purchase orders, renewal documents, invitations, fundraising mailings, welcome letters, quotations, arrears letters and general correspondence. It is particularly suitable for:

HR departments

Because we use the highest encryption standards currently available, you can be sure any details about job offers or salaries will remain completely confidential. Using Mail my Mail can speed up your day-to-day communications, freeing your time for more important aspects of your job.

Marketing communications

Mail my Mail is a simple, money-saving way to send out large-quantity marketing mailings. We can help make your direct mail impactful and memorable – as well as saving you money on postage.

Emergency communications

Need to send out an urgent letter to all your members, customers, donors etc? Emergency appeals, product recalls and deadline reminders can all be printed and mailed the same day, as long as you get them to us by 3pm.

Financial mailings

Mail my Mail provides a highly confidential, fast and efficient way to send out letters that include personal financial details. It can even speed up debt collection by helping you send out arrears notices or final demands on a regular basis.

Public sector

MPS Marketing Services Ltd has an extensive history of working with public sector departments and local authorities. Our Mail my Mail service can help you send out large-scale mailings and confidential documents, fast and efficiently.


We know NHS admin staff have a huge workload, so let us take some of the everyday mailing tasks like appointment or reminder letters off your hands, freeing you to get on with the important business of helping patients.


No matter how large or small your donor database, you’ll find it’s easy to manage your fundraising mailings with Mail my Mail. And the postage savings we offer will free up more cash for your special cause.

Estate agents

As soon as you’ve collated the details of a new property, you can send them to all your prospective buyers – and start booking visits the moment the mailing hits their doormats.

Chains and franchises

You can achieve cost savings and economies of scale by using templates to create centralised mailings through Mail my Mail.

Small businesses

Mail my Mail is idea for small business who send out low volume mail, invoices, quotes etc which can be mailed quickly and cheaply.

Virtual Secretary

Send your mail on the go. With Mail my Mail you can mail your invoices and quotes from your laptop from anywhere you can get an internet connection.

Overseas companies

How difficult is it when you are overseas and want to mail an urgent quote or letter to someone in the UK. With Mail my Mail it is simple, you just log on, upload your letter and its mailed in the UK the very next day and you could be on the other side of the world.

How we’ve helped other organisations simplify their mailing needs

Local authority annual billing

The authority needed to mail both council tax bills and benefit notification letters, within tight timescales and with 100% integrity. We met the authority’s criteria of data security, tight deadlines and quality.

Children’s charity

“We were delighted with the solutions, which have saved us vital funds.” Clare Cox, Product Marketing