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Why choose Mail my Mail?

Because Mail my Mail is the fast, simple and extremely secure way to make sure your letters and documents reach the people you want – without the time-consuming hassle of getting your staff to print them, enclose them, frank them and post them.

Top-class security for your reassurance

All your documents are encrypted with 128bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), the highest standard currently available, to make sure your precious data stays totally confidential and secure.

This makes our system particularly suitable when you need to communicate delicate information about financial matters or personal details.

How Mail my Mail will make your working life easier

  • It saves valuable time, freeing you or your staff for more important aspects of your work and increasing productivity for your business.
  • It saves you money:
    • In postage, because we will consolidate your post with other mailings to take advantage of bulk discounts
    • In stationery costs, because you’ll benefit from our massive buying power to get stationery at lower prices
    • In equipment costs, because you’ll need fewer printers, ink cartridges and franking machines
    • In reduced energy costs.
  • It’s fast – your mailings can be produced and printed the same day, as long as you send them to us by 3pm.
  • It reduces your firm’s carbon footprint as you’re using less in-house technology.
  • It offers flexible payment options (pay as you go or open an account) to help your budgeting.

Free set-up

With Mail my Mail, you simply pay a clear upfront amount according to the number and size of documents you want to send, and whether you want them to go 1st or 2nd class. There are no set-up charges, monthly fees or hidden costs.

Compatible with all versions of Windows

You can use Mail my Mail with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and the new Windows 8.

Flexible printing options

  • You can choose large or small quantities – even if you only want to print 10 items, we can still save you money on postage.
  • Choose the most appropriate envelope size.
  • Choose 1st or 2nd class service.
  • Print in colour or black & white.
  • For letters, you can print 1-page or 2-page documents, either single sided or double sided*.

*You need to specify these parameters for the whole mailing – i.e. we cannot mix single-page and double-page documents within a single print run.

Mail by Mail is provided by MPS Marketing Services Ltd

MPS Marketing Services Ltd is a highly reputable company run by a team of extremely knowledgeable mail and print professionals. We print and mail around 2.2 million packs each year (that’s more than 180,000 each month).

We’ve gained a wide range of skills and experience during our 30 years in business, and you will benefit from our heritage of excellent customer service and our commitment to excellence.